T-Group Facilitation

– Skilled Facilitation: I am a senior facilitator at the Stanford Business School where T-groups have been a core part of the Interpersonal Dynamics curriculum for nearly 50 years.

– Highly Experiential: T-groups or “training” groups take place in small groups (8-12 people) where participants learn about themselves and each other through their own interpersonal interactions; their disclosure of emotions; and the live exchange of feedback. There are no lectures, no fixed agendas or a structured curriculum—which means participants learn more directly (and more powerfully) from their own experiences.

– Unique Learning Environment: T-groups are most effective among a group of peers who don’t work together in the same organization. This unique environment—where there is relative anonymity and no hierarchy—dramatically reduces normal “self-censorship” barriers and enables participants to take more interpersonal risks to share real feelings and honest feedback. As a result, T-group participants learn more quickly and more deeply about emotional intelligence and group dynamics.

– Designed For Tech Startup Leaders: In early 2014, my coaching colleague Michael Terrell and I founded T-Groups for Startups (TGFS) to bring the power of T-group-style learning to the startup community. Since then, dozens of startup leaders have completed a TGFS weekend—the only T-group of its kind designed exclusively for startup founders and leaders.

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