Individual Coaching

Build Resilience: By working with a coach, you can stay sane amidst crazy startup life and build more emotional resilience. I create a safe and confidential space for you to work through stressful conflict and get the clarity you need to solve business and interpersonal challenges.

Grow As A Leader: As your company/team grows, the demands for your skills as a leader will quickly outpace what you can “just learn on the job as you go.” I help you identify where/how you want to grow and then support you to experiment, reflect and improve on critical interpersonal skills like running meetings, motivating teammates; giving and receiving feedback; and managing your own emotions.

Tech Startup-Focused: About 3/4 of my clients are founders and the others are Director, VP or C-level. About 10% of my individual clients are from startups that are pre-seed/pre-funding; another 40% are seed-stage; and the other 50% have closed a Series A round and beyond.

Accessible: I originally founded Foothold to bring high-quality executive coaching to the early-stage startup community. While my client portfolio has since grown beyond just early-stage, I continue to offer sliding scale fees to make my coaching as accessible as possible to a select group of early-stage founders.

Regular & On-Demand Support: My monthly retainer includes 75-min sessions (in-person or by phone/skype/hangout) every other week plus on-call coaching support by phone/email as needed.

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