Group Coaching

Team Dynamics Focus: My group coaching centers on themes such as: Resilience, Feedback, Influence, and Startup Team Communication. Each session enables participants to improve their individual skillsets and build a common vocabulary and mindset across the group/team.

Real & Applied: Group coaching sessions are not traditional corporate “trainings” with canned case studies, binders and PowerPoint slides. My sessions are highly dynamic and interactive because all examples are drawn from the real work lives and the unresolved interpersonal challenges of participants.

Just Uncomfortable Enough To Learn: When groups use real names and practice navigating current team dynamics, the conversations can feel a bit more risky—but that initial discomfort is what helps groups connect more deeply and learn more quickly together. I create safe spaces for groups to engage more honestly with each other and step just far enough outside of their comfort zones to really learn.

Scalable: If you’d like to offer some of the benefits of individual coaching to an executive team or a peer group in a more time-efficient or cost-effective way, group coaching can scale across a team or a much larger startup.

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